Tough Mudder Race “FAQ” Frequently Asked Questions from My Experience

Thanks for all the great feedback on my previous Tough Mudder Recommended Gear piece. I appreciate everyone who commented and emailed me. It means a lot especially since I was in your shoes and had no idea what to buy to be prepared and have fun doing my first Tough Mudder race in Seattle.

Based on the feedback and questions, I thought I would do a Frequently Asked Question “FAQ” that most of the folks on my team talked about, that people have asked me, and that I’ve read online.

Question:  How bad is the Chernobyl ice bath?

Answer:  I’ve trained for triathlons in Seattle, so I’m used to swimming in water as cold as the 50’s. Of course, there is no wetsuit here. I saw a gal in front of me who couldn’t do it and had to skip this. Chernobyl Ice Bath Tough Mudder

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