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October 13, 2012 – we were trying to find a pumpkin patch, but there were no pumpkins yet! Weird because there’s only 2 more weeks until Halloween. Here’s Keira Niu and Po Po enjoy a morning stroll along a random lake in Bellevue. Everyone told me it was going to pour, but I was optimistic and it was all worth it to get some great shots of Keira and Po Po. We found a banana slug and Keira poked it a bit with a stick. It really made an impression on here and she was saying “buh bah sluh…buh bah sluh…” all the way home.

Today we had a little family surprise bday dinner at Maneki’s for David.

Momsie is leaving tomorrow. Total bummer but I guess a short visit is better than nothing! :)

Here’s Keira winding up for a jump.






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