October 17, 2012 – Keira takes a bigger interest in drawing with her “biiiiiii” as she would say. She’s also saying “Kai peese” = translation “open please”

Why do all kids stick out their tongue when they’re concentrating on drawing?

So proud!

Our beach outing today. I’m a true Chinese mother that bundles up her kid to the point that she’s probably hot. Oops!




October 15, 2012 – Our family membership at the Seattle Children’s Museum was the best deal since we got back into town! The rain is back and instead of heading to the Sculpture Park (which we’ll miss dearly until it snows), indoors at Seattle Center is where we’ll be.
The museum just happened to have a hand painting class this morning and Keira was apparently an eager participant. Here’s the fruits of her labor.



October 13, 2012 – we were trying to find a pumpkin patch, but there were no pumpkins yet! Weird because there’s only 2 more weeks until Halloween. Here’s Keira Niu and Po Po enjoy a morning stroll along a random lake in Bellevue. Everyone told me it was going to pour, but I was optimistic and it was all worth it to get some great shots of Keira and Po Po. We found a banana slug and Keira poked it a bit with a stick. It really made an impression on here and she was saying “buh bah sluh…buh bah sluh…” all the way home.

Today we had a little family surprise bday dinner at Maneki’s for David.

Momsie is leaving tomorrow. Total bummer but I guess a short visit is better than nothing! :)

Here’s Keira winding up for a jump.