Shinsegae Department Store, Seoul


One of my best finds yet is the Babycafe at the Shinsegae Department store in Gang-nam, Seoul. It was only 2 train stops and couldn’t have been more convenient. On the 8th floor, there’s a playroom with toys and assorted toddler gym equipment. Keira could’ve spent all day there, while I kicked back to enjoy my chocolate croissant

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Where to take your toddler in Seoul, Korea

20120425-134702.jpgEven though Keira is loving the people watching and eating, its been a challenge to find nearby kid-friendly places for her to run around. So what’s one to do? Improvise!

We discovered Kona Beans cafe in our neighborhood. It’s a large modern cafe that’s 4 times the size of your average Starbucks and open 24 hours. Continue reading

First Day in Seoul

20120424-221525.jpg We all had a great sleep and woke up at 7am to get the day started!

Our awesome 3 bedroom flat is under $200/nt and in an area called Garosugil. The location is stellar and we’re surrounded by hundreds of trendy restaurants, cafes, cheap eateries and boutique stores. (Message me if anyone wants the contact for this place.)

First order of business was breakfast! So we stumbled upon a small eatery with nice looking photos (nothing is in English). We end up having a feast of mandu (dumplings), 2 orders of perfectly crispy bi bim bap rice pots, fried rice and all the side dishes and soup to go with it. Not sure if this was normal because we did see another guy eating ramen for breakfast, but after all the random pointing and sign language ordering, we just took it to a whole other level. Our travel nanny is liking the way we roll here too. Continue reading

27 hours: Gold Coast to Seoul

20120423-103403.jpg The flight of doom from Gold Coast, Australia to Seoul, Korea during our Around-the-World-Adventure with a 1-year old will probably be the longest trip of my life. But now I live to tell about it.

The itinerary goes:
Gold Coast (4 hour wait) > Sydney (4 hour layover) > Beijing (3 hour layover) > Seoul Airport > 1 hour bus ride to Garosugil neighborhood > 10 minute walk to apartment

Preparations start with sandbagging Keira’s sleep the morning of the flight and getting her to nap 1.5 hours until 10 minutes before we had to check out of the hotel at 10am. She slept no problem. Score 1 for team Niu! Continue reading