Another Quick Memory & Halloween Trick-or-Treater Count

I just had a flashback tonight that I thought I should memorialize. When Keira was younger, the longest day of the week would be Monday. Because I would spend all weekend with her, and then have to not see her for the whole day at times. Whereas, for the other days, I would get back into the routine of seeing her briefly in the morning or when I got home from work. Now it’s a bit better, but it really struck me tonight for some reason.

Also, for the record, we had 2 parties of trick-or-treaters come tonight. One group was 2 boys and the other group had 4 kids. So all the left over candy for Alice. Oh- our neighbor / duplex next door had a group knock since I can see and hear them. So I was getting primed for my 3 group…but they didn’t even stop by! Not fair.

For some reason, I haven’t been a part of Halloween (going out or giving candy) since I was 18 and living in Tulsa, OK in a house. Since then, I’ve been abroad, at a dorm, in an apartment, or in a condo. So this was my 1st chance, and I do have to say I was looking forward to it. Owell…next year, we’ll try to break the record of 6!


Family Cruise to Ensenada for Mom’s 60th bday!

We took a 3 night family cruise from Long Beach to Ensenada. It’s become clear that traveling with a baby is not a walk in the park. We had so much luggage between us and It would seem improbable that we were traveling only for 3 days! Keira still needed to get her 3 daily naps in and with no baby monitor or separate rooms, it meant that when she slept, we were forced to sleep…that, or just sit in the dark. 😛

She was also paranoid of her new surroundings and people, so mommy (me) was the only one she would cling to. I would say that some of my favorite things about the trip was that We let Keira sleep in bed with us. She would snuggle up next to me…then i would push her back over towards the middle cause I was clinging onto the edge of the bed…then she would find her way back towards me in her sleep. As much as I want to do it at home sometimes, we can’t risk creating the habit, else we’ll all have to sleep at 730 every night!

keira accidentally fell off the bed under David’s watch – in all fairness, she lunged off the bed pretty quickly…but then again, she shouldn’t have been that close to the edge to begin with. David underestimated her abilities. 😉

We saw little kids selling stuff on the street and it reminded me of how lucky the kids I know are to be so loved am protected by their families.

In all, a quick and fun trip, but wish we couldn’t spent more time with the family! Guess we gotta pay our dues for now!







1 year anniversary dinner at rovers


Originally we were supposed to have dinner on our usual Friday date night, but we had to reschedule last minute because Rangers went to game 7 of the World Series. Really disappointing we lost the lead and couldn’t close the deal, but I’m sure it’s gotta happen one of these days… David doesn’t think it’ll happen in his lifetime… I beg to differ because it should happen sometime in the next 50 years. 😉

Dinner at Rovers was a great experience, but only because we used a half off coupon that made it worth it, otherwise I would’ve felt like it was overrated like the other Yelp comments. Service was really Outstanding, and we ended up doing a port tasting at the end of dinner. David had wine pairings and drank everything. I could barely drink the same amount of water there was so much wine!

8 Observations About Keira’s Quick Growing Up

1. Continual Motion – She can’t sit still! The main reason I haven’t been able to do daily photos is because she moves around way too much for the slow shutter speed lag of my camera phone. Need to start using a real camera for faster pics.

2. 3rd Arm Phenomenon – Around 6 months after our Turkey trip, she was using her head almost like a 3rd arm to get into the sitting position. But around month 7 (October 6th) I started noticing that she doesn’t need her “3rd arm” anymore because she’s much more coordinated.

3. Tongue Anyone? – Also around month 7, she’s starting to stick her tongue out a lot more. Just started realizing that.

4. Drooly Rash – She’s still drooling like crazy, and if we’re not vigilant about dabbing it off, she’ll get a red rash on her face. The rash probably doesn’t really bother her, but it bothers us quite a bit as it stares right at us. This issue really gets exacerbated when she’s in the ergo for long periods of time because it’s harder to dab and the saliva wets the straps and rubs against her cheeks.

5. No Bath 4 U – She’s super hard to bathe now. She’s squirmy and around month 6ish she doesn’t seem to even really enjoy being bathed anymore. She used to really like it and pat the water and play a bit.

6. Seek and Destroy – After Turkey, mom noticed that if we stacked cubes up, she goes on a seek and destroy mission to topple them over. If we stack them up again, down they come again.

7. 1st Scoldings – After Turkey, Alice likes to scold Keira for playing and dropping / throwing the toy on the floor. I tell Alice that she should take it easy since Keira can’t comprehend what she’s saying, and I think it’s sending mixed messages to her. But Alice says that sooner or later she will get it so why not start early?

8. Covet and Taste – Anything that she can’t have, she likes to get it (like my watch) and then immediately inspect it by shoving it into her mouth for a taste test :)

Keira’s First Halloween Party

Keira went to her first Halloween party at Gymboree. It was so nuts with all the kids running around like crazy people, and then as if that wasn’t enough, they ended it all with a sugar cookie before sending them back home to crash… It was pretty funny seeing all the kids in their costumes – my favorite was probably a kid that dressed up like Elmo, although I’m sure he was sweating up a storm in that super furry full body costume.

Keira dressed up like a cow in full family spirit (costume inherited from Chloe. Thanks!). Chloe was a bit scared of Keira the cow at first, but then she had a great time at the party after warming up a bit.







Our Little Butterball


I just thought this picture was funny cause she’s so chubby all over. Usually she has clothes on all her photos, but I had to take this photo with just her diaper for full effect :-) sometimes its hard to get her diaper off when she’s sitting because her belly hangs over the diaper velcro straps.

Baby jail


Thank goodness for the pack n play! it gives me an extra 15-20 minutes to do all sorts of stuff without me having to worry about her wandering into trouble. Its just funny watching her try to break out of baby jail or smoosh her head up against the mesh. Otherwise, she’s doing pretty OK in there.