Keira Practices Crawling

She’s tucking her knees under her belly, and using her arms to get herself up! I have to admit I was never all that excited when my friends’ kids hit their milestones because I never really understood the whole parenting thing. But I have to say it’s pretty exciting when your own baby hits a new milestone because after all the grueling labor we’ve invested thus far, we’re finally getting some ROI!

Keira gives it a shot!...a little wobbly actually...







Then she falls over an bonks her head :/ ouch!








Keira doesn't give up and tries again!








Daddy provides some encouragement and fun <3

Auntie Sophia and Clara Come Visit

Keira is so lucky to have such awesome aunties to come visit all the way from Vancouver!

On Saturday, Keira gets ready for the Cal picnic. Conveniently, David and I both went to UC Berkeley, so we’re one big happy blue and yellow family (Berkeley colors)!









Excited future Cal graduate!...unless she goes Ivy League ;)

















On Sunday we went to the Ballard Farmer’s Market and spend some girl time with Auntie Sophia (she’s taking the photo). Thanks Sophia!

Keira’s 1st Time in a Pool

So Alice thought it was time to expose Keira to water, so we were going to take her to a public pool. But then my friend, Tal, told me that I could use his pool. Since he lives really close we drove over today for her 1st pool party with mom and dad. As you can see from the photos, she’s sporting a very nice turquoise onesie. For some reason, I can’t get the YouTube video embed to work (if anyone knows how, please let me know), so I just posted the link here:  Keira’s 1st Time in a Pool